Gardiner to White Sulphur Springs

Rocky Mountains

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US Route 89 follows the Yellowstone River north of the national park into the aptly named Paradise Valley between the Absaroka and Gallatin Ranges to the town of Livingston. Follow Park Street through town until it merges onto I-90 then take exit 340 and head north. From I-90 to north of Wilsall US 89 follows the Shields River through a broad valley between the Bridger Range and the Crazy Mountains then continues north to White Sulphur Springs.

Special Attractions




Livingston is the gateway town to Yellowstone National Park 50 miles to the south. Established by the North Pacific Railroad, one of Livingston attractions is the railway history museum at the Depot Center. Livingston attracts fly fisherman for world-class fishing on the Yellowstone River.




The town of Wilsall is at the north end of the Shields River Valley. Originally it was at the end of a spur line of the Northern Pacific and shipping point for farmers as seen in the grain elevators. Today many old buildings have been repurposed—the bank is now a bar and the post office is a liquor store—as Wilsall has attracted a different crowd.

White Sulphur Springs

White Sulphur Springs


White Sulphur Springs, as the name implies, is home to a once famous hot spring. Today it is the county seat of Meagher County and it’s main attraction is a collection of bars and restaurants to enjoy when passing through on US 89. It is the world headquarters of Red Ants Pants which specializes in workwear for women and produces a music festival that is the highlight of the summer.

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Towns, Cities and Reservations

Corwin Springs
Clyde Park
White Sulphur Springs

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Public Lands and Historic Places

Gallatin National Forest
Absaroka-Beartooth Wildness
Lewis and Clark National Forest



Yellowstone River
Yankee Jim Canyon
Snow Mountains
Gallatin Range
Paradise Valley
Absaroka Range
Canyon Mountain
Shields River
Bridger Range
Crazy Mountains
Smith River
Castle Mountains

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