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US Route 89 traverses three broad geographic regions: Basin and RangeColorado Plateau and the Rocky Mountains. Within each province, we have divided the highway into smaller segments. Each segment begins and ends in a town or city.

Look at the map below, select the corresponding region to explore each area. You’ll find lists of the National Parks and Monuments, photo galleries, and nuggets of insightful information. Use the site to plan your next family vacation, or just enjoy the beautiful photographs and dream a bit.

By working together, we can explore the slow road, discovering places that are rich in history, culture and scenic beauty.


Enjoy your travels along US Route 89!

“The Basin and Range is a relatively young geologic region which only attained its present form between 25 and 17 million years ago.”

Intro to Basin and Range

“The Colorado Plateau is something quite special. It’s 130,000 square miles expose some of the most breathtaking scenery seen anywhere on our planet.”

Intro to Colorado Plateau

“Perhaps no landscape is etched upon the American psyche as firmly as the Rocky Mountains. This national pride arose from the journals of Lewis and Clark and continues to thrive in modern Americans.”

Intro to Rocky Mountain

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