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The road from Prescott to Flagstaff on Arizona Route 89A is among the most scenic drives in America. It is also a very dramatic transition from Arizona’s central mountains to the Colorado Plateau. 89A begins five miles north of Prescott and climbs to the top of Mingus Mountain. From there the highway descends to Jerome and the Verde Valley. To follow the original route of 89A, continue straight at the roundabout between Jerome and Clarkdale. This will take you through Clarkdale and old town Cottonwood. In Cottonwood, follow the signs for Sedona as the road turns left and crosses the Verde River. From Sedona, 89A follows Oak Creek into one of the most scenic areas in Arizona, Oak Creek Canyon. At the head of the canyon, 89A switchbacks its way onto the Colorado Plateau and into Flagstaff.

Special Attractions

Jerome, Clarkdale and Cottonwood

Jerome, Clarkdale and Cottonwood


Located on the south side of the Verde Valley, Jerome, Clarkdale and Old Town Cottonwood are linked to the history of copper mining in the area. The mines were located in Jerome, the smelter was in Clarkdale and Cottonwood was the center of farming to feed the workers. Today the three towns attract tourists to art galleries, unique shops, fine restaurants and history museums.

Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot National Monument


Located on a desert hilltop, Tuzigoot National Monument preserves an prehistoric pueblo built by a culture known as the Sinagua. The pueblo consisted of 110 rooms including two and three story structures. Learn about this prehistoric culture in the visitors center and then take a short hike through the ruins to get a feel for what it must have been like to live there.

Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness

Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness


The Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness provides recreational opportunities for travelers to Sedona. This collection of cliffs, buttes, and canyons has to rank as one of nature’s most magnificent masterpieces. It certainly is one of the most colorful. Red is the predominant hue here among these 43,950 acres of wind and water sculpted pinnacles, windows, arches, and slot canyons.




Sedona is located in one of the most beautiful settings in Arizona. It is surrounded on three sides by red sandstone cliffs, buttes and canyons. Once a sleepy, artsy small town, it now draws tourist from around the world to art galleries, restaurants and resorts. It is also a gateway to the Colorado Plateau as AZ Highway 89A enters Oak Creek Canyon and climbs the switchbacks toward Flagstaff.

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The Town of Clarkdale & Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum—historic Arizona copper mining town

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Public Lands and Historic Places

Woodchute Wilderness
Jerome State Historic Park
Tuzigoot National Monument
Dead Horse Ranch State Park
Red Rock State Park
Slide Rock State Park
Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness



Lonsome Valley
Black Hills
Mingus Mountain
Verde River
Verde Valley
Oak Creek
Oak Creek Canyon
Colorado Plateau

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