US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book—2024-2025 Edition

US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book—2024-2025 Edition Cover

Dreaming of a Road Trip?

Do you remember the feeling of getting behind the wheel and heading out on a road trip? Maybe you have been planning the trip for a while. You’ve made a packing list and checked it twice to ensure everything was in the car. Or maybe you just decided to go and jumped in the car and took off with only a vague idea of where you’re going. Either way, it feels great to be moving, looking out the window as the miles roll by. It could be old familiar sights that give you comfort to see again or new vistas that excite you with their discovery.

Our Road Trip Map Book hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, so I wanted to make sure that you have an up-to-date resource for planning your next road trip. So, I worked my way through the two versions of the map book, revising and updating and enjoying a virtual road trip of my own.

What’s the difference between the two Road Trip Map Book versions?

The main difference is how the Road Trip Guides are meant to be used. Both versions have introductory essays describing the geology and geography along US Route 89. In the printed version, each guide has a map of that section of US 89 and a description of what you will experience when you drive it. Unique to the printed version are short descriptions of three or four of the main special attractions to visit along the way. On each page is a QR code to scan with your mobile device to go to that page on the website, where you will find photo galleries of the special attractions and articles with more places to see and things to do. I intended the printed version to be used while you are actually on a road trip on Highway 89. The price for the 32-page magazine style book is only $18 plus shipping. You can preview the entire book before you order by clicking on the button below.

US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book Nogales to Tucson Page

US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book Nogales to Tucson Page


The website links version of the Road Trip Map Book is a pdf file that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. It is designed to be used for planning a trip either before you leave home or while you are on the road. Each Road Trip Guide has the map and the route description. What is different is that I have included clickable links that will take you to websites where you will find additional resources for visiting that section of 89. These links include the official websites for the National Parks and Monuments, state parks and historical sites. Also included are local visitors bureaus where you will find listings of nearby attractions, places to stay and places to eat. The price for the e-book is $5.00. For instant download, click on the button below.

Nogale to Tucson E-book Road Trip Guide

Nogale to Tucson Road Trip Guide in the Website Links Edition

The website links version of the US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book helps you take a deep dive into all there is to see and do along the road. For a virtual road trip it can provide hours of browsing through websites and discovering resources for your particular interest whether it’s visiting museums or heading off into the wilderness. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or other pdf viewer.)

Photographer’s Guide E-book

US Route 89 Photographer's Guide Cover

US Route 89 is called America’s most scenic highway for good reasons. National parks and monuments are just the beginning. Miles and miles of two-lane highway pass through landscapes ranging from lush desert to rocky plateaus and towering mountains. Border to Border on US Route 89 is your guide to finding and photographing the beauty of the western American landscape. The Photographer’s Guide includes a portfolio of James Cowlin’s photographs with the story of when, where and why each was made. Click here for more details. Download the ebook for $7.

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