We were fortunate on our first visit to Grand Teton National Park to be there in the fall when the leaves were turning. After a couple of days of exploring the park, we discovered the String Lake Trail. It proved ideal for viewing the trees in fall dress from up close and at a distance.

String Lake is a small body of water between two much larger ones—Leigh Lake to the north and Jenny Lake to the south. The String Lake Trail crosses the Leigh Lake outlet and the Jenny Lake inlet as it circumnavigates String Lake. The hike around the lake is 3.4 miles of easy trail with an elevation change of only 200 feet. Most of the trail is along the shore but it climbs up the slope of the mountain on the west side affording a panoramic view of the lake and the Gros Ventre Mountains on the east side of Jackson Hole.

As we followed the trail we saw flashes of color across the lake on the mountain slope. String Lake is very shallow and the bottom is visible beneath the reflection. A pair of kayakers played around a small island. Reaching the other side, we hiked along the slope among the brilliant orange and gold trees.

The String Lake Trail is a leisurely way to spend a couple of hours in the beautiful landscape of Grand Teton National Park. It was an especially beautiful way to celebrate my birthday on a fall morning.

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