Big mess in Barbara's studioAs you can see from this photo compared to Jim’s in the previous blog, our styles appear to be quite different. Jim knows where everything is at any given time and can retrieve it at a moments notice. A necessity for a photographer with literally thousand of images stored on film and on the computer. It’s hard to say which came first, his ultra-organization, followed by a profession in which this is a tremendous virtue, or his profession, which without a clear sense of how to get and stay organized would result in disaster.

When we go camping or nowadays, Podding in our teardrop trailer, on the road for long periods of time, there is a place for all of the stuff we bring with us. Once upon a time, I felt compelled to participate in the organization for our trips. At some point, maybe 20 years into our marriage (I know, I’m a slow learner), I decided to opt out and just let Jim do his thing. And I admit that it’s just great. Everything is and remains shipshape during our travels. It’s comfortable. It saves time. It saves frustration and aggravation. The only rats nests are in my bag and whatever art supplies I bring with me. These, I keep confined to my own designated areas.

The particular shipwreck you can see in the photograph, is my work in progress. I’m in the process of designing and then constructing a handmade book of a selection of Jim’s US Route 89 photographs. As a part of their corporate sponsorship for the 89 project, the Law Offices of Snell and Wilmer chose 6 large prints each for their offices in Phoenix and in Tucson. The office in Salt Lake City took a different option, which was a book of photographs. Since I’ve had training and experience in the art of handmade books, it’s a perfect opportunity for me to create a beautiful book which will show off Jim’s amazing work.

The mess will go away, as I firm up my ideas about the size, design, materials and construction of the book. It takes a lot of experimenting as there are many options and I want to choose the very best. Once I actually start to produce the book, I do actually get organized. If I didn’t, there would be glue everywhere, sliced fingers, and lots of other catastrophes. So, I am able to organized. When it’s required. For a limited time only.