…and My 42 Years of Photographing It

by James Cowlin

I went to the Grand Canyon to photograph for the first time in 1977. I had been shooting landscapes in Arizona for a few years but had avoided the Grand Canyon. I told myself that every photographer went there and had made every photo possible. To be honest, I was intimidated by all the great photos I’d seen and wasn’t sure I was ready for the challenge. That first trip was followed by a series of hikes on many of the trails below the rim and several Colorado River rafting trips.

In 1994 I was hired to make photographs from every viewpoint on the South and North Rims for a multimedia compact disc called Explore the Grand Canyon. I had learned as much as I could about the geology of the Grand Canyon, how it was formed and its relationship to the Colorado Plateau. I practically lived at the Canyon for six months and shot thousands of images. By the end, I felt I had covered the Grand Canyon from top to bottom and from end to end. It was time to move on.

Ten years later I started to work on the US Route 89 project. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the seven national parks along 89 so it was inevitable that I would be returning. In 2010 on our border to border to border road trip we spent a day on the South Rim on the way north and a day at the North Rim on the way back. By that time I had made the transition from film to digital capture and to processing my images on the computer. I felt in control of the final image in ways that film had never allowed.

Earlier this year I invested in a new mirrorless digital camera with a zoom lens in the range I like to shoot. I wanted a camera that allowed me to be as spontaneous as my iPhone but that gave me the quality of a larger sensor and control of my exposures. What better place to test the new camera than the Grand Canyon. In early June I went to the Canyon with a cousin visiting from Pennsylvania. I got to shoot two sunsets, two sunrises and the day in-between. I learned a lot about the new camera but more than that I reconnected with my love for the Grand Canyon. I don’t have the words to convey to you exactly how I feel when I stand on the rim looking into that expanse or how excited I am by the ever-changing light. I’ll let the new photographs tell the story for me.

Below are two galleries. The first is images from several viewpoints depicting the weather and light I recorded. The second gallery is details where I zoomed in to capture moments of light and shadow. These are the reason why I am always surprised and delighted to be photographing the Grand Canyon.


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