I love a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning. For years I used the standard electric drip coffee maker with freshly ground coffee. It was not bad and satisfied my caffeine needs. Unfortunately, it also often left me with jangly nerves and a sour stomach.

Trying to brew a good cup of coffee while camping was another challenge. I tried a french press which made a good brew but was a mess to clean up. I finally settled on using individual cone filters. Not bad but once again not great.

What I wanted was coffee-shop quality in my camping kitchen that would not cost several hundred dollars for an expresso machine. I was chatting with a friend about this problem and she told me about a $25 gizmo that she claimed made great coffee without a lot of mess. To demonstrate she got out her AeroPress and proceeded to make a great cup of coffee in about the time it takes to heat up the water.

That was two years ago and I haven’t made coffee any other way since then. I have found that one cup is all I need to get me started in the morning and keep me going through the day. No more jangled nerves or upset stomach. And it is a snap to use anywhere that you can heat water—in your kitchen, in a motel or on a camping trip.

Step by step here’s how it works:

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 1

Here’s the set up in the galley of our teardrop trailer. The water is heated on our trusty Coleman stove. The makers of the AeroPress recommend brewing at a temperature of 180° so don’t let the water boil.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 2

The AeroPress kit includes filters, the brewing tube with filter holder, the stirrer, the plunger, the coffee scoop and a funnel for small expresso cups.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 3

Assemble the Aeropress by putting the paper filter disk in the holder.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 4

Attach the filter holder to the brewing tube.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 5

Use the scoop to measure out the amount of coffee you want to brew. If you have a coffee grinder, using fresh ground is best. On the road, I take along coffee I grind at home or I buy ground coffee along the way. I prefer a dark roast but you can use your favorite.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 6

Place the AeroPress on a cup and pour in the hot water up to the number corresponding to the number of scoops you are brewing.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 7

Use the stirring paddle to mix the coffee and water. You only need to stir for 12 to 15 seconds. That way you extract only the good coffee flavor.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 8

Wet the end of the plunger, insert it in the tube and slowly push down to force the coffee through the filter. It should take 20 to 30 seconds.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 9

At this point you have an expresso ready to drink. I prefer to dilute the expresso to make it an Americano. For two scoops of coffee, I dilute it to a total of 12 ounces. Experiment with different amounts of coffee and water until you find the mix you like.

Making Coffee with AeroPress-Step 10

Clean up is a breeze. Take the filter holder off the tube and push out the coffee grounds and filter into the trash. Wipe off the end of the plunger and you’re done.


If you want to give this system a try, here is a link to buy it on Amazon. By using this link you will be supporting the US Route 89 Appreciation Society because we receive a small commission on each sale. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker.