The Map Book is a complete guide for travelers planning a road trip on Highway 89. The book shows the road in nineteen sections of approximately 100 miles. Each section is detailed with a map, driving directions and a list of special attractions. As an added bonus, geologist Wayne Ranney’s introductory essays are included to give you a better understanding of the fascinating landscape you will see along US 89. The 2015 Edition includes revised and updated maps to guide you to all the special places along US Route 89.

Of special note in this edition, the highway south of Page, Arizona, is now open to travel after being closed for two years to repair damage from a landslide. Also shown on the revised maps is the temporary bypass route on the Navajo Reservation, Navajo Route 20.

The Road Trip Map Book is available in two unique formats.


The printed magazine-style format is a convenient way to carry the Road Trip Map Book with you when you are out on the road. There is even space on each page for you to take notes as you drive along. Order the 32-page book for only $15.00 plus shipping. Before ordering the printed version, you will be able to view a complete preview.

US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book-2015 Edition

US Route 89: US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book-2015 Edition

Maps and information about America’s most scenic highway, US Route 89 between Canada and Mexico. Plan a road trip to visit over twenty national parks and monuments in five Western US states. This guide will show you how to get there and point out the many special attractions along the way.

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The e-book in pdf format is designed for researching and planning your driving vacation online. Each Road Trip Guide features links to websites for more information about the places to visit in that section of US 89. All together there are 189 links to online resources to make your road trip more informative and enjoyable. Buy the E-book for $5 and download it immediately. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or other pdf viewer.)


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