Photographer James Cowlin and his panoramic camera on US Route 89I am a freelance photographer based in Oracle, Arizona, specializing in nature, travel and fine art. For over thirty years I have been documenting the landscape of the western United States and have built a collection of images that range from broad panoramic views to intimate close-ups.

My current work-in-progress is documenting US Route 89 between Canada and Mexico. By concentrating on highway 89, I am able to shoot in twenty national parks and monuments and document the landscape of the West from the Rocky Mountains, across the Colorado Plateau and into the arid mountains and valleys of the southwestern desert. My photographs range from the tourist meccas of Yellowstone and Grand Canyon to less well-known attractions such as the Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway. The photographs from the US Route 89 Project form and dynamic portrait of this vital and fast-growing region.

Here is a slide show of a portfolio of my landscape photographs taken along US Route 89. Clicking on a photograph will take you to my photography website where you can buy prints or secure a license for publication or use on the web.

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