Barbara Kemp CowlinI love to paint. I also love to travel with Jim.

What better way to combine these two than to join with him in working on the US Route 89 project? Since I end up traveling with him anyway, it’s a lot more exciting to be involved in creating bits and pieces for the US Route 89 website and blog than sitting in the car waiting for him to finish taking photographs. I am very lucky to be able to be a part of this adventure.

It’s a new world out there (in case you haven’t noticed) and the art world is changing along with everything else. While I’ve spent my adult life painting, teaching art and working as an arts administrator and graphic designer, my goal has always been to work full time as an artist. By the time I got around to this, galleries selling the work of artists, allowing them to concentrate on their making their artwork, no longer exists for most of us (if it ever did). There really isn’t a new structure in place, so artist’s are making it up as they go.

My way of doing this is to bring the world that I see while traveling back to my studio where I transform my vision into paintings, which can then be put on the website for people to see. And if they like what they see, they can buy it directly from me.

I’ve also discovered that I like to write, so blogging about our travels has been a fun way to process our adventures. In addition to the personal benefits of working on the US Route 89 project, I really like the idea of promoting slow travel and of helping people to rethink how they get from one place to another. There are so many surprises along the road, and I love finding that unique restaurant, great artist’s co-op, and so many other unexpected treasures, and then passing them on to our readers.

I also write a blog about my experiences as an artist. If you have ever wondered what goes on inside an artist’s head, check out my website and blog.

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