2017 US Route 89 Calendar Cover

2017 Calendar: US Route 89 National Parks & Monuments

2017 calendar featuring photographs of the National Parks and Monuments along US Route 89 by James Cowlin

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Spring City

As we entered Spring City, Utah, for the first time, a small brick building with a bright yellow sign reading Horseshoe Mountain Pottery caught our eyes. Always on the lookout for local arts and crafts along US Route 89, we stopped to investigate. There appeared to be no one in the store but the door […]

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Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah

US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Temple Square

Historically US 89 wrapped around Temple Square in Salt Lake City as State Street on the west side and North Temple Street on the north. The route has been changed in recent years so if you stay on the marked route you will pass a couple of blocks to the west of the Salt Lake […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Big Rock Candy Mountain

When Harry McClintock wrote the lyrics to Big Rock Candy Mountain, he didn’t have a specific place in mind. His song, first recorded in 1928, is about a hobo’s idea of paradise. Every child who grew up in the 1950s remembers Burl Ives singing the chorus: Oh the buzzin’ of the bees In the cigarette […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Fremont Indian State Park

The people we call the Fremont Indians flourished across north and central Utah and adjacent parts of Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada. Inhabiting that area from about 400 to 1300 AD, they were contemporary with the Ancestral Puebloan people of southern Utah and northern Arizona. The name for the culture comes from the first discovered site […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Sanpitch Dragon

I don’t remember where I first heard about the dragon. It may have been from reading a fading notice on the old Casino Star Theater. It read, “Under the bridge where highway 89 crosses the Sanpitch River, a benevolent dragon resides and gently roars.” I knew I had to see it so we drove up […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Palisade State Park

We discovered Palisade State Park in Utah late one day. We were on our way from Arizona to Glacier National Park in Montana and needed a place to park our teardrop, make dinner and rest up for the next days long drive. I got out the road atlas and looked for a little tent symbol […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Thistle

When the route for a federal highway with the number 89 was first proposed in 1924 it’s southern end was Flagstaff, Arizona, and the northern terminus was Thistle, Utah. However, when I searched a map of Utah, Thistle was nowhere to be found. Therein lies a tale of how the forces of nature created a […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Maynard Dixon Living History Museum

Usually when we see anything related to art on one of our road trips, we stop immediately to investigate, occasionally making dangerous u-turns to get there. We had stopped at the Maynard Dixon Home and Studio in Mt. Carmel, Utah, on several trips only to find we were there on the wrong day or at […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Rimrocks Hoodoos

Hoodoos are among the strangest geological formations found on earth. They occur when a thick layer of soft rock is capped by a thin layer of harder rock. As the land erodes, the soft rock washes away faster leaving a thin column protect by a hard rock cap. Nowhere are hoodoos more abundant than in […]

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The Craft Beer Brewers of US Route 89

If given a choice at the end of a day on the road, I prefer to visit a local brew pub to sample whatever is on tap and enjoy a meal. Fortunately, there are ample opportunities on US Route 89 for such simple pleasures. By my count, there are at least twenty-eight microbreweries and brew […]

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89 or 89A: That is the Question

Of all of the questions I am asked about traveling on US Route 89, one of the most frequent is about the two possible drives between Bitter Springs, Arizona and Kanab, Utah. Since both US 89 and 89A are about the same length and take the same time to drive, neither one has a clear […]

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The Perfect Photograph-Who Decides?

Every photographer knows the feeling. You are sorting through your images after a trip looking for that one shot that had you excited when you tripped the shutter. And there it is and it still excites you. The color is right. The composition is the way you wanted it. You’re sure you have a winner. […]

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Five Outstanding Scenic Drives on US Route 89

National Geographic selected US Route 89 as the #1 Drivers’ Drive in the world in its recently published book, Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips. Having driven over 20,000 miles on Highway 89, I couldn’t agree more. I have my favorite sections that I look forward to on our road […]

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Road Trip Eating in Salt Lake City

What’s a road trip without food. I mean when we travel we enjoy discovering new places to eat as well as returning to places we know from previous trips. Take our meals from a couple of days ago in Salt Lake City for example. Breakfast at Parrish Place, the B&B where we always stay in […]

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We’ve been through and stayed in Salt Lake City many times. We’ve skirted the Great Salt Lake. But we’ve never spent any time camping around the lake, so we headed out to Antelope Island State Park. By the time we arrived at Antelope Island, it was getting close to dinner time and sunset. As we […]

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Kanab to Ephraim on US Route 89

We have been camped at Palisade State Park in Sanpete County, Utah, for the last three days. We will be moving on to the Salt Lake valley later today. Here is a summary in photographs of what we have been seen and done between Kanab and Ephraim. We spent Thursday night at the Quail Park […]

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