Harmony in Reed & Water-painting by Barbara Kemp Cowlin

Painting Water—The Art of Barbara Kemp Cowlin

On many of our trips on US Route 89, Barbara and I have found ourselves camping and hiking near water. From Peña Blanca Lake near the Mexican border to the lakes of Glacier National Park, water in its many natural forms has been a part of our journey. So it was almost inevitable that water […]

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The Painted Desert Project

The last place you would expect to find street art is along US Route 89 on the Navajo Reservation. But there it is. You can’t miss it as you head north from Flagstaff. It’s on tanks and roadside jewelry stands. Big black and white photographs pasted up there for all to see. We first saw […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: C. M. Russell Museum

My first interest in US Route 89 was the landscape, particularly the seven national parks along the road. As I traveled on 89, I realized that it was more than beautiful scenery. It was also a road that led me into the history and culture of what is known in as The West—capital T, capital […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Spring City

As we entered Spring City, Utah, for the first time, a small brick building with a bright yellow sign reading Horseshoe Mountain Pottery caught our eyes. Always on the lookout for local arts and crafts along US Route 89, we stopped to investigate. There appeared to be no one in the store but the door […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Maynard Dixon Living History Museum

Usually when we see anything related to art on one of our road trips, we stop immediately to investigate, occasionally making dangerous u-turns to get there. We had stopped at the Maynard Dixon Home and Studio in Mt. Carmel, Utah, on several trips only to find we were there on the wrong day or at […]

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Vegetable Crate Labels

The connection between US Route 89 and commercial graphic art ephemera may seem tenuous at first. But we can learn an important p iece of the history of highway 89 from the lowly vegetable crate label. In the early 20th century, agriculture was an important part of the economy of central Arizona thanks in large […]

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Just Lounging About Doing Nothing?

Well, despite being rather silent lately, I haven’t been idle. In fact, one of my pet peeves is the comments people make when I tell them I’m an artist and they tell me about how much fun I must be having and wish they could be having such a luxurious life, too. The other response […]

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In Recovery Mode

It’s hard to believe we’ve been home for nearly two weeks. Jim’s been deep into going through his 2000+ photographs, and catching up on business. Plus dealing with various home cooler and toilet maintenance crises. Me…well I’m not sure what I’ve been up to. Lots of laundry at first, and then trying to sort myself […]

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Discoveries on Highway 89-Wickenburg to Prescott

It has been at least a year since we’ve been through Congress Junction, an old mining town north of Wickenburg. Congress Junction was once the most important town in the center of a rich silver and gold mining boom. Even President Taft has visited there at the opening of the railroad. Over the years since […]

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Shipshape vs. Shipwrecked

As you can see from this photo compared to Jim’s in the previous blog, our styles appear to be quite different. Jim knows where everything is at any given time and can retrieve it at a moments notice. A necessity for a photographer with literally thousand of images stored on film and on the computer. […]

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