Below you will find a collection of blog posts that will help in planning a road trip on US Route 89. You can also find a lot of useful information in the Road Trip Guides on the US Route 89 Appreciation Society website. In the guides we have divided the highway into nineteen segments. The page for each segment has a map, a list of special attractions and photo galleries. Also, take a look at the map of Roadside Attractions on this site to find special places to visit along US 89. If you don’t find answers to your questions with these resources, please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to answer your questions promptly.

Note; If you are looking for current driving condition along US Route 89, the information in Finding Current Driving Conditions will help.

US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book—2015 Edition

The Map Book is a complete guide for travelers planning a road trip on Highway 89. The book shows the road in nineteen sections of approximately 100 miles. Each section is detailed with a map, driving directions and a list of special attractions. As an added bonus, geologist Wayne Ranney’s introductory essays are included to […]

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Direction sign or US 89T

Getting to Page, Arizona, on US 89T

Since the Big Slump closed US 89 in northern Arizona in February 2013, I have received numerous requests for information about alternative roads. At first, a detour route was established between Flagstaff and Page, Arizona, that took travelers 50 miles out of their way adding at least an hour to the trip. A much shorter […]

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Camping in State Parks on US Route 89

Campgrounds in the national parks, monuments and forests along US Route 89 are not the only options. Campgrounds established by the states are a possibility and often not as crowded. Arizona and Utah in particular have many parks that offer modern facilities for both recreational vehicles and tent camping. Here is a quick reference list […]

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My Favorite Bloggers

Subscribing to blogs in an RSS reader is like constructing your own personal magazine. Every day your reader is filled with articles about topics you choose written by people you enjoy reading. And like a magazine, you can skip over articles that don’t interest you at the moment, dive into the ones that peak your […]

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Renting an RV for a One-Way Road Trip on US Route 89

A logical way to see all of US Route 89 is to start at one end and drive to other. If you are driving your own vehicle and live in the western United States, that is the best way to see it all. But what about folks who are traveling a long distance from the […]

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The Ideal Road Trip

What are the qualities of a road trip that make it memorable? Since starting the US Route 89 project some ten years ago, Barbara and I have spent many hours and covered thousands of miles together. In reflecting on these trips, I have been trying to identify the qualities that make a trip stand out […]

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The Easiest Way to Make the Best Cup of Coffee Anywhere

I love a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning. For years I used the standard electric drip coffee maker with freshly ground coffee. It was not bad and satisfied my caffeine needs. Unfortunately, it also often left me with jangly nerves and a sour stomach. Trying to brew a good cup of […]

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Eight Resources to Help You Plan a Memorable Road Trip

Summer is fast approaching. It will soon be road trip season. It’s time to start making plans for your driving vacation and I hope you’ll be heading for US Route 89. We’ve got plenty of information on our website and you can order the US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book to carry with you. […]

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Where Is US Route 89 in Arizona?

When you look at a map of Arizona, US 89 is hard to find. In fact, it only exists from Flagstaff to Page and into Utah. So what happened to our border to border highway? A little background—when the federal highway system came into existence in the late 1920s, US Route 89 connented Utah and […]

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A Photographer’s Guide to America’s Most Scenic Highway

Learn Where and How to Photograph the Scenic Beauty of the American West US Route 89 is called America’s most scenic highway for good reasons. National parks and monuments are just the beginning. Miles and miles of two-lane highway pass through landscapes ranging from lush desert to rocky plateaus and towering mountains. My new guidebook […]

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The Craft Beer Brewers of US Route 89

If given a choice at the end of a day on the road, I prefer to visit a local brew pub to sample whatever is on tap and enjoy a meal. Fortunately, there are ample opportunities on US Route 89 for such simple pleasures. By my count, there are at least twenty-eight microbreweries and brew […]

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5 National Monuments on US 89 Highlight Prehistoric Indian Cultures

Can you imagine living in Arizona 800 years ago? By visiting five National Monuments along Highway 89, you can learn about and experience the living conditions of Native Americans in the early part of the last millennium. How did they obtain food? What sort of dwellings did they build? What arts and crafts were part […]

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Flagstaff to Page on US Route 89—black and white and red all over

Driving US Route 89 between Flagstaff and Page brings you into contact with three distinctively different landscapes: black volcanoes, multicolored desert hills and red cliffs.

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89 or 89A: That is the Question

Of all of the questions I am asked about traveling on US Route 89, one of the most frequent is about the two possible drives between Bitter Springs, Arizona and Kanab, Utah. Since both US 89 and 89A are about the same length and take the same time to drive, neither one has a clear […]

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Getting the Most Out of a Visit to Saguaro National Park

The image that comes to mind with the word ‘desert’ is of a desolate, dry place of sand dunes and little else. When you visit Saguaro (pronounced “sah WAH row”) National Park you will enter a lush world filled with plants and animals that have evolved to live in a dry, hot climate. Observing these […]

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Two Medicine Webcam, Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park Webcams

Glacier National Park at the northern end of US Route 89 has perhaps the most beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains in the U. S. Thanks to a series of webcams you can enjoy the scenery all year ‘round. The park has set up nine cameras that broadcast continuously over the internet from various locations […]

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Five Outstanding Scenic Drives on US Route 89

National Geographic selected US Route 89 as the #1 Drivers’ Drive in the world in its recently published book, Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips. Having driven over 20,000 miles on Highway 89, I couldn’t agree more. I have my favorite sections that I look forward to on our road […]

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Traveling to Montana? The One Book to Read Before You Go

Reading This House of Sky by Ivan Doig will make your trip to Montana a richer and more rewarding experience. Doig’s memoir of growing up in the Smith River Valley on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains captures the essence of what it means to be a Westerner and he paints a vivid picture […]

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How to Find Up-To-The-Minute Driving Conditions on US 89

I have received several phone calls and emails in the last couple of weeks asking me about driving conditions on US Route 89. These inquiries have come from as close as Prescott, Arizona, and as far away as Brisbane, Australia. I am pretty knowledgeable about the various sections of 89, but I found myself struggling […]

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A Face Lift for the Teardrop

Our teardrop trailer, fondly known as The Pod, had birch plywood sides. They were beautiful until two years in the hot and dry Arizona desert caused some unsightly wrinkles and cracks in her skin. We talked to her maker, Preston, in Logan, Utah, at  Teardrop 72 about the problem and he immediately offered to cover […]

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Our Teardrop Trailer

I spent part of yesterday working on our teardrop trailer getting it ready for our upcoming road trip. Mostly I was taking care of things that we have learned will come loose when we hit a bump in the road. I like things to be tight and not scattered all over the place when I […]

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