2017 US Route 89 Calendar Cover

2017 Calendar: US Route 89 National Parks & Monuments

2017 calendar featuring photographs of the National Parks and Monuments along US Route 89 by James Cowlin

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Paris Tabernacle

Ever been to Paris? If you have driven US 89 through Idaho, you have. And the one thing you can’t miss in Paris is the historic Mormon Tabernacle. Resting on a perfectly manicured green lawn, the 110-foot tall spire draws your attention to the red sandstone church in the center of town. The first settlers […]

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Five Outstanding Scenic Drives on US Route 89

National Geographic selected US Route 89 as the #1 Drivers’ Drive in the world in its recently published book, Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips. Having driven over 20,000 miles on Highway 89, I couldn’t agree more. I have my favorite sections that I look forward to on our road […]

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Cutting the Corner of Idaho on US Route 89

We have done three border to border road trips on US Route 89 which means we have passed through Idaho five times (our first trip was one-way beginning at the Canadian border). US 89 cuts across the southeastern corner of the state for about 40 miles. I think of it as a transition from the […]

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