Roadside Attractions are places that we have discovered during our travels on US Route 89. Some are well-known; others are hidden gems. All are places that make traveling on America’s most scenic highway so special.

This map shows the location of the many roadside attractions along highway 89.

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  • Zoom in on a specific area of the map to reveal all of the locations which may be hidden in the larger view.
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  • Below the map are links to the most recently added roadside attractions.

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: C. M. Russell Museum

My first interest in US Route 89 was the landscape, particularly the seven national parks along the road. As I traveled on 89, I realized that it was more than beautiful scenery. It was also a road that led me into the history and culture of what is known in as The West—capital T, capital […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Catalina State Park

The Santa Catalina Mountains dominate the horizon as you approach Tucson from any direction. The tallest peak is Mount Lemon at over 9,100 feet, some 6,900 feet above the surrounding valley. The whole range covers 200 square miles and is one of the largest of the aptly named Sky Islands of southern Arizona. Historic US […]

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US Route 89 Roadside Attraction: Spring City

As we entered Spring City, Utah, for the first time, a small brick building with a bright yellow sign reading Horseshoe Mountain Pottery caught our eyes. Always on the lookout for local arts and crafts along US Route 89, we stopped to investigate. There appeared to be no one in the store but the door […]

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