A Photographer’s Guide to America’s Most Scenic Highway

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 A Photographer’s Guide to America’s Most Scenic Highway  A Photographer’s Guide to America’s Most Scenic Highway

US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book—2014 Edition

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US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book—2014 Edition US Route 89 Road Trip Map Book—2014 Edition

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Getting to Page, Arizona, on US 89T

Getting to Page, Arizona, on US 89T

Since the Big Slump closed US 89 in northern Arizona in February 2013, I have received numerous requests for information about alternative roads. At first, a detour route was established between Flagstaff and Page, Arizona, that took travelers 50 miles out of their way adding at least an hour to the trip. A much shorter alternative existed in Navajo Route 20 which parallels US 89 for 44 miles from The Gap to Page. The... [Read more...]

The Painted Desert Project

The Painted Desert Project

The last place you would expect to find street art is along US Route 89 on the Navajo Reservation. But there it is. You can’t miss it as you head north from Flagstaff. It’s on tanks and roadside jewelry stands. Big black and white photographs pasted up there for all to see. We first saw these works of public art four years ago. While we were curious about their origin we didn’t pursue it further. Then a link to... [Read more...]

Spanish Settlements in Southern Arizona

Spanish Settlements in Southern Arizona

1705 Map Shows California as an Island In this day of Google maps and GPS’s everywhere, it is hard to imagine how the world looked to the Spanish explorers when they arrived in the region we now call Arizona. Early explorers had mistakenly believed that California was an island and the territory between the Rio Grande and Colorado Rivers was a blank on their maps. The first attempt to create permanent Spanish settlements... [Read more...]

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  • Event of the Week: September 1-7

    Family Sleepover, Tumacácori National Monument, AZ
    September 6—Participants will join park rangers and demonstrators after normal closing hours to explore what Tumacácori may have felt like for travellers passing this way in the late 1800′s. We will eat traditional camp food prepared outside, sketch in journals under the guidance of real artists, sing songs, and explore the mission grounds by candle-light. When it is time to retire for the evening, we will tell ghost stories and then curl up like those historic travellers, sleeping either in the church itself or outside under the stars.
    To find your way to Tumacácori National Monument, go to the Nogales to Tucson Road Trip Guide on the US Route 89 Appreciation Society website.

  • Website of the Week

    Grand Canyon Association
    Grand Canyon Association is the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park, raising private funds to benefit Grand Canyon National Park, operating retail shops and visitor centers within the park, and providing premier guided educational classes, hikes, and tours about the natural and cultural history of the region. Federal dollars support baseline operations and activities at Grand Canyon National Park. However, these funds do not cover other needs of the park, including wildlife research, trail preservation and educational programs for the public. Grand Canyon Association, through support of members, donors and friends, helps support Grand Canyon National Park, now and for generations to come.